The perfect pedicure guide

The perfect pedicure guide

Don’t Create Color Conflict

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You found your perfect nail polish color. So then does it match for both your fingernails and toenails? Having the same color tone on all your fingers makes your job look more complete. You can also use two different colors, but they must match. It is not appropriate to have blue on the feet while there is red on the fingers.

Soften Heels Carefully

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When the callus gets too thick it can crack and hurt. Do not let the workers at the hairdresser use razors on your feet during pedicure. Razors pose a risk of infection. Soak your feet in warm water for at least five minutes at home. Then eliminate callus by using a pumice stone. Also, do not walk barefoot because it causes nazarus.

Feed Top Skins

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The skin parts at the bottom of the nails keep germs away, so take good care of them. Tell the person who does your nails not to cut these skins. Because this increases the risk of infection. Also, never send them. You can feed hard skins with moisturizer. See a doctor if they look red or infected.

Forget Past Pedicures

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Dramatic shades like red and pink can turn yellow if they stay on the nails for more than two weeks. Remove stains using acetone. When applying nail polish, first apply a colorless coat under it. However, if your nails are too thick, cracked, or curled, you may have a fungal infection. Then leave the nail polish and go to the doctor.

Don’t Shave Before Pedicure

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No matter how embarrassed, do not take your legs before the pedicure. Bacteria can enter through small cuts on newly shaved legs. Certain types of bacteria live in tap water and can reproduce in a dirty foot bath. Also, since they cause other infections, set the shave aside until the pedicure is gone.

Bring Your Own Tools

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You can bring your own tools to the hairdresser. They can be difficult to clean microbes in hairdresser’s tools. If you choose to use the tools of the hairdresser, they must be sterilized in hot, laid in an antibacterial solution, or they must have just come out of the package. If one of the tools falls down, ask them to use a new one. You don’t want to leave the hairdresser with skin and nail infections.

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Rasp Toenails Correctly

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Cut your toenails straight between pedicure sessions. So you can prevent nail sticking and keep them strong. You can make the nails slightly round in the center by filing the nails slightly. Before applying nail polish to them, gently clean the bottom with a manicure stick. If you have diabetes, your doctor will perform regular foot examinations and will show you how to take good care of your feet.

Leave Fish Pedicure

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In some places, fish are provided to eat calluses under the feet. In some countries, this practice is prohibited. Beauty center workers cannot clean aquariums with fish well enough between sessions. Also, since it is not possible to clean the fish, they can spread the infection to other customers.

Protect Your Pedicure in Winter

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Prevent contamination by bringing plastic bags in cold weather. Before leaving the hairdresser, ask employees to apply a coat of nail skin oil on your newly painted nails. Then put the plastic bag right on top of it without wearing your socks. Pedicure socks are open-ended and can be worn with slippers. If you wish, you can put your feet on special pedicure shoes and leave the nails exposed.

Become a Natural Occasional

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You may think that the nails that look empty are bad, but the nails also need to breathe and moisten, and the nail polish acts like a barrier. So set aside one week or more nail polish every month and be low-maintenance. If you do not have the opportunity to straighten as soon as it starts to spill, it is also convenient to wipe the nail polish completely. There is a possibility of damage to toenails at points where nail polish is not available. If a miracle happens and the nail polish lasts longer than two weeks, wipe it off and apply a new one.

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Pedicure During Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant and feel swollen, even your wrists are swollen, the pedicure can look very good. Fortunately, there is no problem looking after your feet! Pedicure is safe during pregnancy. Your nails do not absorb chemicals in the nail polish. If the smell of nail polish bothers you, sit next to an open window or door.

Keep Your Tools Clean

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Whether you bring your own tools to the hairdresser or use them at home, keep them clean. Wash well with soap and water after every pedicure. Then, hold it for at least 10 minutes in a disinfectant solution such as alcohol.

Men Can Also Get A Pedicure

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Men’s toenails need not be ugly. Some hairdressers also apply pedicures suitable for men and nail polish and polish application is optional. However, this practice is becoming more and more common.

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Materials such as nail polish remover acetone will work if the nail polish is too dark. Also, if there is a gel or shellac finish, they can be good for things that are difficult to see. But the acetone is desiccant and hard, so if your nails or skin are sensitive, choose non-acetone materials. They become lighter, but it may take longer to remove the nail polish.

Don’t Go To A Random Hairdresser

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Make checks before going to a new hairdresser or beauty salon. Make sure that employees wash their hands and clean the tools between customers. Many hairdressers have odors from nail products, but they should not be too extreme. A very strong smell indicates that ventilation is not good. Also go to places with a cosmetic license.

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