Copyright page within any copyright or any other intellectual property rights infringed, a text, images, etc. If you observe, you must inform us about it. Please report the violation in writing to
Your report should cover the following conditions.

Statement of image, content (content) infringing (infringing) the rights of third (other) persons found on the system and network that have infringed any copyright infringement or intellectual property rights, or in which you have the right to proceed

Final notice of the article, image (content), including copyright infringement

Exact declaration of content that shows this extension (link address) link with text, image (content)

Name, surname, active e-mail address and active telephone number to contact the other party

For your information and opinion, you declare that the sharing of interested texts, images (content) is not endorsed by, or permitted by, the written owner or the legal representative of the copyright or the persons concerned.

A statement stating that the content provided in this declaration report is correct and that you are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive rights that can be prevented in a preventable manner.

In addition to this declaration of business of interest; You hereby agree that we may forward the copyright infringement to the author of the image (content) for the purpose of declaration.

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